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07 November 2008 @ 08:34 pm
polarity and reversing and stuff and yeah  

Name: Regina

Age: 22 minus four days.

Are you a new, old, or both, series fan? I like the old series, but I'm a child of my time, and the new one is much shinier and prettier. So, new.

Which is your favorite Doctor? Thus far, Ten.

Why? It took me a while to get used to him, but once I got used to him I really liked the manic energy. Plus, the nonstop talking kind of reminds me of me-- I'm usually quiet, but get me going and I've got a similar rapidfire bounce from subject-to-subject style (the subjects aren't as broad, but, well, I'm not the Doctor)

Least favorite? Of the ones I've seen, Eight.

Why? I just really disliked the movie.

Which is your favorite companion?
It's a tie between Rose and Martha.
Why? For similar reasons, despite their being very different in some ways. They're both determined and resourcesful, and smart. Rose isn't as book-smart, but she has the capacity. They're brave. They're... really, they're a lot of the things I wish I was.

Least favorite? I haven't seen any companion I disliked, so--

Why? --this is not applicable.

Describe your general personality as best as possible: I actually can't think of anything that isn't covered by my strength and weakness answers. I don't know if that's kind of sad, or just means I answered those way too thoroughly.

Your strengths: I will argue any of my beliefs with anybody. An ability to retain reams of basically useless information, occasionally interspersed with possibly useful bits. A long memory. A belief in the basic goodness of people which, frankly, doesn't jibe all that well with my basically cynical personality, but there you go. I can play devil's advocate like nobody's business. I can see both sides of issues (I just think mine's RIGHT). I am good with animals. I'm good at test-taking.

Your weaknesses: I will any point with anybody, and I won't shut up. I'm convinced that if I just keep talking long enough I will be able to explain myself so eloquently as to convert the person to my beliefs. I'm not good with people in general. I don't deal well with stupid and I'm kind of an intellectual elitist (I know it isn't good but... well, if you knew my parents you'd get it) and I live in a town of people who are depressingly idiotic. So... yeah, not so good on the people front. Or kids, kids unnerve me. I'm judgemental. I talk too much. I'm lazy and I procrastinate and I'm a glutton (go out to eat and I will order the steak every time-- I don't care how much it costs) and a hypochondriac and have a slight tendancy to whine about my situation (though I feel this is compensated for by the fact that I'm working to better it). I'm logical to a fault most of the time, but when my emotions get a hold of me they rule me.

How do you behave in the company of friends/family? I'm far more open than with strangers, even down the physical aspect-- I move around much more, am much more free with my limbs. I gesture with my hands when I talk to them, which I don't do with strangers. I'm silly, childish, gregarious, I talk and talk and talk and talk and TALK. I'm also more inclined to get angry around/at them-- I'm just in general more open with my emotions.

How do you behave in the company of strangers? Reserved to the point of being antisocial. I can fake charming, but if I don't have a reason to I'm generally considered to be cold. That isn't my intention, it's just that I'm profoundly uncomfortable with strangers.

Hobbies: Playing computer games. Watching television. Arguing with the television. Farming. Reading almost anything, but scifi/fantasy/post-apocalyptic rule the fiction, and it's mostly science and history for the non-fic. Writing, sometimes. Obsessively fiddling with things for about a week and then totally forgetting I was ever interested (ex. soapmaking, weaving, journalism, landscaping, furniture refinishing, etc.). Discussions, especially political or religious because people get angry and it's funny.

Like: Living out in the middle of nowhere. Sharp things. Shiny things. History. Stories. Pretty girls. Pretty jewelry. Big, burly boys. Tech toys I can't afford. Fast cars. Trees. Sunsets. Old things.

Loathe: Stupid people. Mistreatment of animals. The welfare system (I work for it, trust me, NOT FUN). Those who butcher the English language, especially the ones who look at you like you're an idiot when you attempt to correct them. The phrase "Where's it at?" People who try to tell me my hair is bad (curls =/= bad). Ignorance (different from stupid people). Cities.

Do you have a; large group of friends, a small close group or do you prefer to go it alone? I have a small group of friends. As for preference-- I go alone, or with a friend. I don't do groups.

Do you prefer to lead or follow? I have been known to lead, but only when I have to. I mean, if nobody else will, I'll bite the bullet and do it, but I'd rather follow-- leading's too much damned work.

Do you want to change the world, or just do the best at what you do?

I want to change the world-- a big way or a small way, I don't care. I'd settle for being the best, though.

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Green_Wing: dr who - avatargreen_wing on November 21st, 2008 03:53 am (UTC)
I'm going to argue the point and say Nine :D
You don't seem quite as obnoxious as Six could be but still arrogant enough to qualify as Nine ;)
zahnadu: sunzahnadu on November 21st, 2008 06:16 am (UTC)
Some Nine but more SIX.
(Anonymous) on April 13th, 2011 11:00 pm (UTC)
Hoping to have my say
Hi - I am definitely happy to discover this. cool job!