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24 December 2008 @ 01:54 am
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Name: Kay Medford

Age: 20

Are you a new, old, or both, series fan? Both! I am new to the old series but I am enjoying it so far.

Which is your favorite Doctor? 9 and 7

Why? I like Nine because he is able to go from hilarious to a total emotional gut
punch in an instant and Seven is an evil genius.

Least favorite? Three!

Why? I just don’t like him up until his LAST serial and by then it’s a bit too late. I think his serials are boring too long and he thinks MUCH too highly of himself.

Which is your favorite companion? Jack

Why? It is said that the doctor is the brain, Rose is the beauty and Jack is the brawn but I think he’s all three! He is so good he got his own show!

Least favorite? Tegan

Why? She is dumb and annoying.

Describe your general personality as best as possible: I guess I’m fairly laid back about most things, but I do get pretty worked up about some things. I’m a realist mostly; I’m not a catastrophiser but I’m not an optimist either.

Your strengths: I am creative, I have a high IQ and I can think on my feet.

Your weaknesses: I expect quite a lot of myself so when other people fail to meet the standard I have set I tend to judge them very harshly, I worry excessively, am a bit gullible and much too forgiving.

How do you behave in the company of friends/family? Relaxed but respectful of their thoughts and feelings.

How do you behave in the company of strangers? Some level of social anxiety causes me to be extremely abrasive with people I don’t know well or am uncomfortable around.

Hobbies: I sew quite a lot, read, watch television, learning, baking.

Like: Rain, fiction, drinking chocolate, ellipses, freshly baked goodies and packing tape.

Loathe: Flowery perfume, elitists, snow, ringback tones, narrow minds and gossip magazines.

Do you have a; large group of friends, a small close group or do you prefer to go it
I am very much a loner but I do have a small group of friends that I am very close with.

Do you prefer to lead or follow? I think it depends on the situation; sometimes I am very much a leader and other times I just sit back and go with the flow.

Do you want to change the world, or just do the best at what you do? I think I can do both but if I have to choose on the realist in me says just to be the best at what I do.