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23 June 2008 @ 09:06 am
Reverse the polarity of the sunglass lens... no wait...  

Name: M. Just call me M. Yes, it's an obnoxious Death Note fan thing. No, my real name doesn't start with M. No, I won't tell you my real name. No, it's not for season 4 related reason. I just don't want my real name connected to this journal in any way.
Age: 21
Are you a new, old, or both, series fan? Sadly, I'm only a new series fan, but not by choice. I adore what little of the old series I've seen, but the keyword there is little. If I can see more... and in order... then I'll be a fan of both.
Which is your favorite Doctor? Nine!
Why? There are a lot of reasons. Part of it is the incredible charisma and enthusiasm that Christopher Eccleston brought to the role. That ear to ear grin, that constant chorus of "FANTASTIC," just sort of get into your head. You don't just see his lust for life and eternal sense of wonder, you feel it for yourself. The character is extraordinarily well-written and well-acted, and embodies a sort of life wish, an insistence on being so strong that even the Doctor himself can't negate it. But there's also the vulnerability... the guilt, the sorrow. The Doctor really seems human, sapient, in a way that I feel only one other does and that Eight doesn't do half as well. All the other Doctors I've seen have been compelling, heart-warming and exciting, but none have captured the incredible grandeur and loneliness of the Doctor's demigod status (and that's what he is, really) better than Eccleston's. Plus... bananas.
Least favorite? Of the few I've seen, Five.
Why? All I've seen of the fifth Doctor is "Earthshock" and "Time Crash," and in those he seems constantly annoyed with everything and callous toward others. I know he has a reputation for being a really friendly Doctor, but in what I've seen he did not seem that way. If I had to judge just the three Doctors whose full tenure I've seen, my least favorite is the tenth Doctor. As much as I love him in Season 4, and a bit in late season 3, I can't forgive him for the complete callous disrespect he showed to everyone around him who wasn't Rose in "Tooth and Claw."
Which is your favorite companion? It's hard to pick, but I say Donna.
Why? Well, part of it is that Donna reminds me a lot of myself. I am a woman with a lot of potential that's... very little used, you could say. I tend to get sort of lost in the "trivial," as Donna was revealed to have done in her debut, and I tend to get really bratty when things don't get my way. I also tend to analyze the world in terms of morality, right and wrong, and hold myself and my friends to a high, but somewhat unconventional, standard. I think that's a lot of why I like Donna, though, I mean, that last bit. She's so moral. Rose never really criticized the Doctor for right versus wrong, Martha didn't either, but Donna is all too eager to tell him when he's gone too far. She genuinely cares about the world around her, even if sometime she forgets that others are outside herself with needs of their own, and she won't stand for things she feels are wrong. I love that. I wish Donna and Nine could have teamed up.
Least favorite? Jo.
Why? She is everything I don't like about Rose, without any of the redeeming factors that make me not hate Rose. She's self-centered, a bit callous, and all too eager to make messes when she lacks the competence to clean them up. When she disagrees with the Doctor, what does she do? She does whatever anyway, instead of trying to reason with him with the persistence that I've seen others show. Or maybe I'm just mad that she ran off with prettyboy and left poor 3 to be emo. I don't know. If I can only judge the companions whose tenures I've seen in full, my least favorite is Rose. She's wonderful in season 1, but the way she treats Mickey and the "Tooth and Claw" incident just make me mad.
Describe your general personality as best as possible: On the surface I'm a cheerful, clever individual with a tendency to act... well, not my age. I'm generally friendly and smiling, and always talking to other people... although I tend to ramble on about my own experiences and thoughts a bit too much. And I have a lot of them; I'm very curious about everything and I get way too into thinking about things. I tend to make very odd and theoretical observations based on things, and to speculate about why and how things are the way they are. I can be a bit childlike or even childish at times, prefering "shiny" type things, repeating and playing with sounds and concepts, and defying conventional notions of conversation and such. I can also seem very old though, especially when I talk about my past and what I've been through. Deep down, I'm a pessmist about situations and an optimist about the nature of people. I genuinely like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt... but once someone proves beyond a doubt that they really are the jerk they're acting like, or don't take the hint one too many times, I don't let it get to me. I can be aggressive, angry, even violent, but I often fail to act on that aggression out of fear of myself and fear of the consquences. I hold grudges. Bad. I love helping others, and finding ways to bring out the best in them, to develop their true potential. Because of that, I'm studying to be a teacher, and I love working with middle schoolers. I tend to be paranoid and a bit neurotic, even perfectionist. Everything has to be just so, and I often suspect the worst of people or things or situations. Despite my perfectionism, though, I'm a slob and I often do things in very inefficient ways. I've been told that I have a strong will and a lot of courage, but I really don't know. I am very stubborn about some things and I don't let myself succumb to social pressures as often as others (although some of that is just being oblivious or a jerk), but I also have problems in denying myself the basic necessities of life (food, water, sleep). Sometimes I'll take great risks for what I think is right or for people I care about, but I'm easily frightened and tend to run away from physical danger. I live for intellectual pursuits, studying and understanding the world, but especially flights of fancy, roleplaying, and pretending.
Your strengths: I'm very smart, very good with academics. When situations are very rough I can go into this sort of thing where I do whatever it is I have to do to save the day, although I often go to pieces afterward. I'm willful but diplomatic, I'm socially brave but I'm fully accepting of my own cowardice in some situations. I'm loving and compassionate, and I can't stand to see others suffer. I'm good at coming up with alternate explantions for things and for thinking things through. I have a good sense of causality. I'm generally cheerful. I can sprint very short distances very quickly, and I'm a very fast typist. I'm awesome at cleaning house.
Your weaknesses: I'm paranoid, to the point that I often feel people are staring at me. I can be afraid to "rock the boat" if someone wrongs me and I'm generally terrified of a lot of childish things, like storms and diseases and small dogs (got attacked by those. not fun. big dogs are okay). I can be clinging and patronizing toward those I care about. Sometimes I get so lost in possibility that I don't think about what's actually real. I tend to ramble and don't read social cues well. I can be very pessimistic. I'm sickly and weak in general, and I can't do much due to my asthma. I can't do a lot of the basic things a person ought to be able, like fold clothes and cook.
How do you behave in the company of friends/family? I'm a very affectionate person; "*hugs*" is my favorite emote on the internet and it's true in real life too. I always try to take care of the people around me and to share with themm, although I often take it too far and ramble for ever about things that bore them, like Doctor Who. I get freaking furious when someone I care about is hurt and I can get more than a little scary over it. I can be a little shy with family and I'm always a little sad when I let my guard down. I'm also unafraid, among those I'm really close to, to just let loose and tell them how mad I am. You can tell I'm really startign to trust someone when I just flip out on them. Sometimes, though, if someone is really importnat to me, I'll keep to myself out of fear of hurting them. I get really paranoid about hurting people's feelings and I'm always asking "I didn't hurt your feelings, did I?"
How do you behave in the company of strangers? Around strangers I am generally cheerful, overly accomodating, silly, and always trying to be helfpul. I try not to "rock the boat" with strangers unless they're sufficiently far removed from power that I don't risk anything by telling them they're wrong, unless it's really important. That is... I'll start stuff over little things and over big things, but not in the middle things, and I'm more likely to start stuff with a peer than someone above me in tangible power (not social power). Cowardly, maybe, but I do pick my battles.
Hobbies: Roleplaying, writing, graphics work, reading, video games, cuddling, watching movies and TV, blogging, eating
Like: small fuzzy animals, salty food, chocolate, bland fruits, science fiction, parody and satire, boys, black, purple, children, platformer games, rpgs, skirts, cotton, shorts
Loathe: small dogs, fruit, sour foods, vegetables, fish, romance, pushy perverts, prejudice, salmon, stupid teachers, people who direspect others for no good reason, pants
Do you have a; large group of friends, a small close group or do you prefer to go it alone? I have a huge number of friends, but I have a few close friends with whom I spend the bulk of my time and whom I trust to the exclusion of the others. When I'm doing something, I don't know, constructive though, I like to do it on my own.
Do you prefer to lead or follow? I prefer to lead but I generally follow. Still though, if a leader is needed, I step up; if someone else can do it better I usually stand back and help.
Do you want to change the world, or just do the best at what you do? I'm going to change the world, one kid at a time.
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