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11 August 2008 @ 01:43 pm
Flow Neutron The Of Polarity The Reverse!  

Name: Beverley, or B to my friends. Online, I go by Sushi.
Age: 26. I think, let me work that out. Yeah. 26. It was my birthday last week, so I'm confused.
Are you a new, old, or both, series fan? Old one is the best!
Which is your favorite Doctor? Second
Why? The chemistry he has with his companions is wonderful. I can't help but feel that if Jamie and Zoe hadn't been forcibly taken away, the three of them would still be travelling together now. And Trout's Doctor is just so quirky and alien, yet lovable at the same time.
Least favorite? Nine. Sorry, but it's true.
Why? He just doesn't seem... Doctory. I know people rave about him, but it seemed to me like CE was trying so hard not to be typecast as The Doctor that he just behaved as unDoctory as possible.
Which is your favorite companion? Jamie McCrimmon, closely followed by Zoe Heriot.
Why? The loyalty! The chemistry! The KILT! And Zoe because she's smart and sassy, but she's just so cute about it. Not obnoxious at all.
Least favorite? Rose.
Why? Do I have to? Well, I think she's a nasty, whiny brat and her relationship with the Doctor is seriously flawed. But I'll stop there, this isn't the place.
Describe your general personality as best as possible: Generally nice, but with a nasty mean streak.
Your strengths: It's a strengh and a weakness - I'm very stubborn. If I want to do something, I will. Comes in handy if I suddenly decide I really want to learn how to extract video from websites or make an application skin. I'm also pretty physically strong, because I have to lift my friend's electric wheelchair into cars. I'm fiercly loyal. I'm fairly artistic. I'm smart. And I cook a mean stir-fry.
Your weaknesses: I'm stubborn. I'm mean. I hold grudges. I'm antisocial and I'm very lazy. Really, very lazy. Gosh, I sound horrid, don't I? I'm not, really!
How do you behave in the company of friends/family? Normal and happy. I'm very loyal, I will do anything for my friends and family.
How do you behave in the company of strangers? Shy and quiet. I'm hard to draw out.
Hobbies: Reading. I love to read. Also drawing, writing, and playing games, but mostly reading.
Like: Tea, chocolate, chinese and indian food. Doctor Who. Absolutely Fabulous. Agatha Christie. Robin Cook's medical thrillers. Children's books. Arnold Schwarzenegger films. Trauma Center, Phoenix Wright and Pokemon. Lazy Town. Harry Potter Lego. Rose wine and gin and tonic. Hanging out with my best friend. Snow. Sunshine.
Loathe: Mashed potato. Insane shippers. Bad fanfiction. The flast fifteen minutes of the finale. Our local bus service, which demands exact change despite the fact that the people who use it are on low incomes and can't afford to just chuck money away. PEOPLE THAT PARK IN DISBLED SPACES AND HAVE NO REASON TO.
Do you have a; large group of friends, a small close group or do you prefer to go it alone? Small close group.
Do you prefer to lead or follow? Follow
Do you want to change the world, or just do the best at what you do? Do the best at what I do.
Green_Wing: dean - things that make you go hmmmmm?green_wing on September 4th, 2008 01:54 pm (UTC)
*LOL* oh yeah, definitely Three :D

Vote for me?
River Song: default - red heartheart_magick on October 5th, 2008 12:18 am (UTC)
Agreed, Three it is!
dance_stamina: merrydance_stamina on November 5th, 2008 04:44 am (UTC)