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Welcome to the Doctor Who Ratings Community. This is where you fill out a survey, post it to the community and others decide what Doctor Who character you're most like. After 3 votes or 6 days the verdict will be passed and you get a shiny banner to display on your userinfo/website/whatever.

Ah yes, there are always rules. If everyone follows them, we all can get along nicely, can't we?

+ You must be a member to submit your survey.
+ Please elaborate on your answers. Single word answers will not be accepted and the post will be deleted. You may, however, reapply as soon as you like with a more elaborate answers.
+ Don't say stuff like "I have a very high pitched scream, red hair and I love carrot juice and exercise" because we all know you're aiming for Mel. Be truthfull and honest. Hey, you may just be surprised at the results!
+ Pictures of yourself are entirely optional. I know most other ratings comms have pictures under "optional but preferred" but many don't feel comfortable with posting pictures of themselves on the world wide web and it may also influence people's idea of you, by looking at your physical features rather than your personality.
+ The post must be behind an lj-cut.
+ So I know you've read this, please have "Reverse the Polarity" somewhere in your subject line (play with it as you like, so long at it's there)
+ Have fun!

+ Members only can vote in the community.
+ Make sure you read the stamping list to make sure you're stamping them with a character we have a banner for. If you think that this person is really suited to _______ and we don't have a banner for it, drop me a line with a link to the post and I'll have a review of my characters list.
+ Flaming and rudeness earns you an instant ban.
+ Bolding your final verdict makes it easier for me to tally up everything. Elaboration in your verdict is also appreciated. eg. "Your loyalty and ability to cope with change made me think Rose!"
+ Have fun!


+ The Official Doctor Who Stamps
+ The Stamped Members List

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